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Winnica Świętej Jadwigi

        "St. Hedwig's" Vineyard was founded in 1999 on the picturesque southern slope of Zielona Góra Embankment, near Świdnica 124 m above sea level. The area of 1 hectare hosts cultivation of basic, classical varieties such as pinot noir, sylvaner, Portuguese blue and traminer, as well as hybrids e.g. nicely grown aurora.

        On the plantation a collection of shrubs of old, indigenous, grape varieties found in the town and the surrounding villages is also featured. The vineyard is adjacent to a four-acre cherry tree orchard with many popular varieties of trees therefore in addition to grape wines you can try tasty cherry wine and in July purchase impressive cherries. The owner of the vineyard, Miroslaw Kuleba, is the editor of "The Winemaker of Zielona Góra" and the author of three important historical publications on winemaking traditions in the region, "Ampelography the Zielona Góra (2005),"Wine Topography of Zielona Góra"(2010) and "Enographia Thalloris"(2013) .

Winnica Świętej Jadwigi
Wyspiańskiego 40/9
65-036 Zielona Góra , LU
Lubuskie PL
Phone number: 
48 68 324 1727


Founded in: 
1 999
1 ha
How many people can visit at once: 
Seedling sale


Parking spaces for cars
10 miejsc
Parking spaces for coaches
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Dożynki gminne w Świdnicy
"Park Wiejski"