Trail of wine and honey

        Grape wine and bee honey are one of the oldest natural food products accompanying the development of mankind since ancient times. The Middle Odra Region is the place where industrial cultivation of vine has lasted longest in northern Europe and has exerted influence on spiritual and material heritage of the lands. Also beekeeping has had rich history.
       This heritage is the rock of the reviving winery and bee-keeping development across Lubusz region. Not only regional museologists and regionalists take care of it but also inhabitants of the province by creating private beekeeping museums or collecting artefacts connected with wine traditions near their vineyards. The initiative of founding "The Lubuskie Wine and Honey Trail" as a tourist product based on potential of the region regarding traditional products made in vineyards and apiaries came to life in 2006 and its premiere took place two years later during 7th Touristic Fairs, "ZATUR 2008"
       The trail includes over fifty landmarks where one can experience the present and the past of Lubusz winery and bee-keeping. Hotels and farmhouses co-operating with winemakers and beekeepers provide accommodation. Additional attractions for visitors are the picturesque forests and lake region with constantly developed tourist facilities around which the trail runs.