Winnica Marcus

        "Marcus" Vineyard is situated in a charming, non-industrialized corner of the Lubusz land - in Sterkowo - municipality Nowogród Bobrzański. Established in 2009, and the following vines varieties are grown on 2 hectares of land: Dornfelder, hibernal, pinot noir and Riesling regent. The vibe of the place, according to its owner - Mark Bandiaka - comprises of: "Nature, Art and Wine". The offer includes: wine ( including wine tasting ), natural bread from the stove and cold meats from our own smokehouse. Honesty of the space, simplicity of wine, charm of the landscape - these are real treats not only for tourists.

Winnica Marcus
Cicha 1
66-010 Sterków , LU
Lubuskie PL
Phone number: 
48 604 246 388


Founded in: 
2 009
2 ha
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