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Winnica Hiki

        "Hiki" Vineyard is situated in the village Bycz, near Bytom Odrzański, at an altitude of 102 meters above sea level. In 2006, on a sandy loam soil, the first 400 pieces of vine were planted. Currently, more than 3,000 shrubs are grown on the area of one hectare. They include the following varieties: acolon, Cabernet Cortis, pinot noir, Riesling, Solaris, Traminer and Zweigelt.

        The winery was not only inspired by passion for viticulture, but also by will to restore the local winemaking traditions. According to historians, the acreage of vineyards from the early seventeenth century until the second half of the nineteenth century was about 76 hectares, but the last century saw a great decrease with a symbolic 0.5 hectare in 1930. Carolath-Beuthen state duchy, around Bytom Odrzański and Siedlisko, was one of the major wine-growing centres in Lower Silesia, famous for well-known brands of wine, featuring: "Bytom Ruby Blood" and "Table Wine Karolat". Wine from "Hiki" vineyard continues this tradition gaining recognition and medals at national wine tastings and competitions.

Winnica Hiki
Bycz , LU
Lubuskie PL
Phone number: 
+48 509 682 258


Founded in: 
2 006
How many people can visit at once: 


Parking spaces for cars
7 miejsc
Parking spaces for coaches
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Eating places

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Recurring events

Winobranie zielonogórskie
Zielona Góra

- Perła lubuska, starówka w Bytomiu Odrzańskim

- Skarpa nadodrzańska i port .

- Wzgórza Dalkowskie – rezerwat przyrody, Annabrzeskie Wąwozy.