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Muzeum Puszczy Drawskiej i Noteckiej im. Franciszka Grasia

         Museum of the Drawsko and Noteć Forest by the name of F. Gras in Drezdenko housed in a former armoury in 11 Plac Wolności. The building is one of the few surviving relics of an ancient fortress.

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Pałac Mierzęcin Wellness and Wine Resort

         "Mierzęcin Palace" Vineyard is an integral part of a vast, a property Mierzęcin Wellness & Wine Resort which was restored with care and passion. It is located on the peripheries of the Drawa National Park.

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Winnica Stara Winna Góra

"Stara Winna Góra" (Old Wine Hill) of the Krojcig family was founded in 1997 on the Odra slope, a place of old wine history.

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Grape Harvest AD 2015

White Cuvee  became a collector's wine 2014 from  the vineyard "Na Leśnej Polanie". The limited edition of 500 plays was available only on the auction. Remaining wines: two white from the vineyard Saint Vincent - Resling 2013,  and two reds  - Reg

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