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Muzeum Puszczy Drawskiej i Noteckiej im. Franciszka Grasia

         Museum of the Drawsko and Noteć Forest by the name of F. Gras in Drezdenko housed in a former armoury in 11 Plac Wolności. The building is one of the few surviving relics of an ancient fortress. The ground floor of the building from the mid-seventeenth century is the oldest building in the city. The higher, transom storeys, were built in the second half of the eighteenth century for storage or granary. Francis Gras was the initiator and coordinator of activities of creating the facility documenting the history and wildlife of the region. He painstakingly collected items that became the nucleus of the Board of the Museum.
         Currently, most of over fifteen hundred exhibits are presented across three museum exhibitions. The first - historical - was located in the basement of the building, in stylish interiors of a former powder magazine and presents long and colourful history of Drezdenko. The second - on nature - is located on the first floor of the museum and includes more than two hundred specimens of prepared birds, fish and animals belonging to species living in the nearby forest and cities. The third - ethnographic - was placed on the attic level and consists of different kinds of tools and objects of everyday use, part of which was constitutes a small section of beekeeping.

Muzeum Puszczy Drawskiej i Noteckiej im. Franciszka Grasia
plac Wolności 11
66-530 Drezdenko , LU
Lubuskie PL
Phone number: 
48 95 762 09 48


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