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Article in Gazeta Lubuska "On the trail of the wine and honey"

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November 26, 2015 - 10:06
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       Lubusz is famous for a rich tradition, cultures, but also has also his secrets which is them facing to tourists wanting to discover them. Nothing after all this way fascinates, as the possibility of the cognition, new and unknown discovering. A thrill of emotion accompanying it is encouraging the "Trail of the Wine and Honey" visiting this beautiful, vivid and rich land on which he is. It is exactly in surroundings Guilty of the Castle, in places even, where you aren't expecting it to find it is possible this way the vineyards characteristic of the region. 

     "Bacchus, the god of the wine and the grapevine he died from hands of titans, and his blood sprinkled the coasts of the Mediterranean, France, surroundings of the Rhine and the Moselle. A few stray drops also fell on areas of southern and west Poland - in it to Lubusz Land. And everywhere, where fell wonderful grapevines grew" (...)

     It's only a legend, however is a truth, that from the 10th century areas of the western land already made numerous vineyards rich, of which single we can come across "fruits" in local forests. View of the climate from before a few hundred years, of corners, where lively vineyards were - how are delivering legends and various stories - he was remarkable and attracted tourists, doing the huge impression on them. The Lubusz wine region permanently was saved in the art. About it songs, poems, legends, images and sculptures came into existence. That's all it behaved to today's times and it is possible to admire Winemakings among others in the Zielona Góra Museum of the Wine and the Lubusz Centre in Zabór.