Winnica Senator

       "Senator" Vineyard by Agnieszka Kowalczyk and Marek Senator was founded in 2006 as an experiment. The owner carries out research of varieties of table grapes, wine processing and those designed specifically for the production of champagne. Currently there are about a thousand shrubs of more than 100 different and unusual varieties, many of them have left their mark on the history of wine production. Marek Senator also has a ceramic workshop next to the winery where he produces stoneware bottles and dishes for wine and mead.
       In the gallery in addition to the interesting shapes of vessels for wine vintages you can enjoy paintings and ceramic reliefs. Culinary attractions offered by the hosts include farmstead cheeses, meat and wild game products. At the end of the tasting, dessert - a specialty of the winery - chocolate jam with slivovitz.

Winnica Senator
Markiewiczowej 40
67-106 Niedoradz , LU
Lubuskie PL


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