Winnica Rodzinna Żelazny

      "Family Vineyard Żelazny" was founded by Bronislaw and Zdzislaw Zelazny in 2008 in the town of Maszewo near Krosno Odrzanskie. It used to be a small vineyard with just a few hundred shrubs of only three varieties. Currently, under the same family name the family grows the area of about 3 hectares on the hill between Łaz and Zabór.

You'll find a variety of the vine such as Gewürztraminer, muscaris, Moravian Muscat, Riesling, Riesling and Solaris red (white varieties) as well as monarch and regent (red varieties). Investments regarding to the construction of the winery, wine cellar and a place to accept visitors, which will provide beautiful views and great atmosphere are to be made.

Winnica Rodzinna Żelazny
Łaz 54
66-003 Zabór , LU
Lubuskie PL