Winnica Miłosz w Łazie

        "Milosz" Vineyard belongs to Marta Pohrebny and Krzysztof Fedorowicz. The winery was founded in 2004 in the eastern and very picturesque part of the Zielona Gora Embankment, on its climax where the vine has had a centuries-old history of cultivation. Even before the war there were several hectares of vineyards. The area of cultivation is 1.5 hectares, where the following grape varieties are planted: pinot noir, devin, müller-thurgau, traminer and zweigeltrebe.
        A special gazebo and a tasting room in the basement, which was opened in April 2012, are made available to the visitors. In the same year the winery put their wine on sale. Its winery products have won many awards at various wine competitions. The current area of all Krzysztof Fedorowicz's plantings is about 3 hectares, also in Zabór and near Droszków.
        A vineyard house built of logs with the terrace that offers a beautiful view of the vineyard, the largest local government vineyard in Poland gives even more charm. Marta Pohrebny's culinary specialties are local snails, venison with cranberry sauce, red wine and chocolate cake.

Winnica Miłosz
Łaz 65
66-003 Zabór , LU
Lubuskie PL


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3,5 ha
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