Pasieka Rodziny Żegleń

        Ignatius Żegleń continues the family tradition and has been in the beekeeping since 1972. Central apiary is located in Przylep, near Zielona Góra, but the majority of the 60 colonies are relocated into honey pastures in order to acquire a variety of honey for sale. Besides typical honeys of the region such as acacia, buckwheat, linden, rape and rape flower, "Family Apiary Żegleń" also offers a kit and bee pollen. Visitors who want to extend their stay will be provided with 8 places to stay. Ignacy Żegleń does social work in beekeeping organizations and actively promotes Lubusz traditional products. Acacia honey from the apiary was awarded with "Pearl 2015" in the fifteenth edition of "Our Culinary Heritage - Tastes of the Regions".

Pasieka Rodziny Żegleń
Strażacka 22 b
66-015 Zielona Góra , LU
Lubuskie PL
Phone number: 
48 606 722 402


Founded in: 
1 972
40 rodzin pszczelich
Honey shop


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