Pasieka rodzinna S. Kamińskiego

         Stanisław Kamiński's apiary is located near the Commune Office in Dąbie in Krosno county. It is difficult to spot it at first as it is hidden behind thick hazel bushes. Impressive oaks are visible though, and they are the main source of the speciality of the apiary - oak honeydew honey.

         Mr. Stanisław began his adventure with bees in 1984 with five hives. Today there are as many as 80 bee colonies; part of them is relocated into honey pastures in order to produce not only flower honey but also acacia, lime, rape and heather honey. A utility building of 320 m² is in close proximity to the apiary where centrifuging takes place. It also serves the purpose of a warehouse for beekeeping equipment. Guests are offered tastings accompanied by presentation on bee habits and typical beekeeping works, and obviously purchasing of homemade honey and bee wax.

Pasieka rodzinna S. Kamińskiego
ul. Szeroka 1
66-615 Dąbie , LU
Lubuskie PL
Phone number: 
48 507 433 270