Muzeum Paradyskie

        A Baroque Cistercian monastery belongs to the architectural gems of Lubusz Land and is also referred to as "Paradyż". Located in the village of Gościkowo, roughly midway between Zielona Gora and Gorzow Wielkopolski. Since 1947 it has housed Higher Seminary of Zielona Gora-Gorzow Diocese. Cistercian traditions are visible in the form of vine shrubs planted in a beautiful monastery garden over a dozen years ago. Vine planting started in 2005 when nearly 500 shrubs were situated on slope directed southwards, along the monastery garden wall and the north elevation of a former monastery building. Plantings were a gift from Marek Krojcig from "Old Wine Hill" vineyard (Stara Winna Góra) in Górczykowo. An additional Way of the Cross was integrated in between the shrubs growing by the wall. Grapes are used for preserves, e.g. juice, or consumed as dessert fruit.

        Paradyż Museum houses valuable antique books from the 17th and 18th centuries, unique ordinals, antique monstrances, vessels and liturgical attire as well as a collection of paintings.

Muzeum Paradyskie
66–200 Gościkowo , LU
Lubuskie PL
Phone number: 
48 68 381 10 21


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