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Muzeum Lubuskie im. Jana Dekerta w Gorzowie Wlkp. „Zagroda Młyńska” w Bogdańcu

         Mill Farm of the Lubusz Museum is located near Gorzow Wielkopolski in the valley of the river Bogdanka, on the Protected Landscape Area. It consists of three historic buildings constituting the mill, an outbuilding and a coach-house. Within the orchard an apiary was placed which consists of 7 hives KŁODOWY made in 1955 in accordance with examples from Polesie by Roman Laskowski from Santock. The mill comes from 1826 and includes original equipment of the mill and the miller's house.

         The yard and outbuildings are used for presentation of tools and agricultural machinery, rural transportation and equipment of the forge, carding and mangle room. Within the farmstead there is also a bread stove. From spring to autumn educational activities are held here, e.g. workshops on baking bread, making butter and sculptural outdoor workshops. The most famous events that gather many visitors are "The Lubusz Feast of Bread" in August and the regional competition finals, e.g. "Our culinary heritage," which are organized in the north of the province every two years.

Muzeum Lubuskie im. Jana Dekerta w Gorzowie Wlkp. „Zagroda Młyńska” w Bogdańcu
Leśna 37
66-450 Bogdaniec , LU
Lubuskie PL



Lekcje muzealne „Od ziarenka do bochenka” połączone z pokazem wypieku chleba

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Lubuskie Święto Chleba
Muzeum Lubuskie im. Jana Dekerta w Gorzowie Wlkp. „Zagroda Młyńska’ w Bogdańcu
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