Gospodarstwo Rolno-Pszczelarskie

        Agricultural and Beekeeping household of a master beekeeper Wieslaw Dudek in Gralewie, near Gorzow Wielkopolski takes advantage of unique and natural benefits that can be found by bees on areas untainted by industry and intensive agricultural production in the valley and the oxbow of Noteć River.
        Thanks to these conditions flower honeys (mainly meadow and forest) can be produced by Wieslaw Dudek. They have won awards at competitions, both regional and national. The household has been actively promoting Lubusz products for years. In 2007 "Flower and meadow honey from the Noteć Valley" was introduced into "Traditional Products" list conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Gospodarstwo Rolno-Pszczelarskie
Gralewo 100 A
66-431 Santok
Phone number: 
48 95 731 6483


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