Gospodarstwo Pszczelarskie „Dutkowiak”

         "Dutkowiak" Beekeeping Farm has over thirty years of tradition and is the largest professional apiary in the region. At the beginning it consisted only of 6 hives. Now has about 1,800 bee colonies and is also ranked among the largest apiaries in the country. The cottage shop offers as many as 11 types of honey.
         "Dutkowiak" honeys are also available in many stores in the country. In the beekeeping season visitors can see the spinning of honey and experience its taste straight from the honey extractors. Remigiusz Dutkowiak manages the converged fixed-nomadic. Remigiusz Dutkowiak runs stationary and itinerant economy. In summer, the hives are spaced at about 40 locations across the province where they take advantage of the naturals such as acacia, heather, or meadow. The farm is not only focused on collection of honey, but also on collecting pollen, propolis and royal jelly. Almost ever since the beginning of its production activity the apiary is also engaged in breeding and sale of queen bees, which comes from the genotype of the best mother's’ prized breed carnica.

Gospodarstwo Pszczelarskie „Dutkowiak”
Paska 68
69-200 Sulęcin , LU
Lubuskie PL
Phone number: 
48 957 554 572


Parking spaces for cars
Access by train
Access by coach



Miód : rzepakowy, akacjowy, lipowy, mniszkowy, gryczany, spadziowy
Rok założenia: 1983
Odwiedziny: max 30 osób