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Winnica Na Leśnej Polanie

        "Vineyard on the Forest Glade" of Małgorzata and Jaroslaw Lewandowski was founded in 1999 in Proczki - a tiny hamlet situated on a glade

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Winnica Dolina Odry

        The Winery of Guillaume Dubois was founded in 2009 and is currently on 9 hectares the following noble grape varieties are grown: pinot blanc, pinot gris, R

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Winnica Equus

        Equus" Vineyard currently consists of several plots where vines are and wine production is carried out.

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Winnica Cosel

        VINEYARD COSEL "Cosel" Vineyard is located in the Municipality of Swidnica in Lubuskie Province and took its name from after an over hundred years old vill

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Gospodarstwo Rolno-Pszczelarskie

        Agricultural and Beekeeping household of a master beekeeper Wieslaw Dudek in Gralewie, near Gorzow Wielkopolski takes advantage of unique and natural benefits that can be found by bees on areas untainted by industry and intensive agricultu

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Gospodarstwo rolno-agroturystyczne „Dereniówka”

        The agritourism farm "Dereniówka" is located in Lubiechnia Wielka surrounded by picturesque forests of Rzepin municipality in Słubice district.

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